And now, another plot twist

Humana just wrote to deny me benefits for Zinbryta, the medication that has kept my MS at bay for ten years. Am I going to fight this? You bet.

They claim they are denying the drug because I don’t have “pre-existing hepatic disease.”

That’s interesting, since a person is not advised to treat MS with Zinbryta if they do have hepatic disease.

Poor Humana. I will have fun. I will win.



4 thoughts on “And now, another plot twist

  1. Jenna Young

    repeating my comment on Facebook – they should consider a name change
    Try tweeting them – the marketing team will take a very different approach to problem solving than the compliance team or whomever they are

  2. mslabrat Post author

    My being on this drug has saved Humana so much money…especially all those years I was on the trial and they were not pitching in on an MS drug that can run up to 4k per month. Not to mention the money they’ve saved because I have been a healthy MS patient, and not a sick one. But I’m not going to rant. That’s not good for my health!


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