Doctor’s Note

catncouchMy doctor’s notes of yore were full of warmth, “Thank you for sending me your delightful patient…”

Earlier this week, I caught a glance of a recent doctor’s note from the NIH: “The patient is normal in behavior and appearance.”

What’s changed about this patient in the past twenty years?

I have come to consider even weak praise a win.

My sister recently described my MS as “a slow motion hurricane.” I am still waiting for my CNN interview.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma wends her inexorable way North. She has leveled an island I’ve never heard of…not Bermuda but another island with a name beginning with a B. By the time Irma reaches Cincinnati, she will have spent the bulk of her wrath on leveling Miami, and will toss us a mere drizzle. Again, no CNN interview!

My husband and I are in full drizzle-preparedness mode. This morning, I shampooed with Living Proof’s humidity shield shampoo, conditioned my hair with Living Proof humidity shield conditioner, and sprayed my hair with Living Proof humidity shield hair spray. My husband’s water resistant LLBean Duck Boots and my school bus yellow waterproof Converses are at the ready, should the impending drizzle accumulate on the Cincinnati sidewalks. Sadly, our pets are wearing personalized LLBean pet collars with my name and contact information, minimizing the chance of their becoming displaced. My husband has checked the gasoline levels in our Honda Civic, in case we must flee the incoming Floridians. Our Civic has half a tank. As our Civic is a Hybrid, that should be sufficient.



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